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Manek Chowk is the popular night food market in Ahmedabad. It originally is a jewellery market. However, in the evening, once the shops shut, all the food vendors come up with their stalls and turn it into a buzzy food market.
The eateries start by 8 and go on till 3 in the night. Below are some of the dishes that you must try in Manek Chowk

1. Ghotala Dosa
Loaded with cheese, spinach, butter, schezwan sauce, paneer and many veggies, this dosa is a speciality here. It can get extremely heavy but is all worth the hype. Don’t try if you don’t enjoy an extra dose of butter and cheese.

2. Tawa Pulao
The aroma of freshly made Tawa pulao will force you to try this street style dish in Manek Chowk. Tossed with generous amounts of vegetables, Tawa pulao is nicely flavoured.

3. Basket Chaat
All chaat lovers should get a plate of basket chaat while in Manek Chowk. It is called Basket Chaat as the shape of the dumpling is of the basket. Different chutneys, crispy dal and onions make for a refreshing snack item

4. Masala Pav
Pav Bhaji and Masala Pav are one of those items which you will find on mostly all the tables in Manek Chowk. The masala pav is different than the one you get in Mumbai. The gravy is loaded heavily with tomatoes making it tangy and delicious.

5. Sandwiches
Manek Chowk is filled with joints serving unique sandwiches. You just can’t miss the sandwiches here. Two of my personal favourites are cheese pineapple sandwich and cheese pineapple ice cream chocolate sandwich. The sandwiches are weirdly delicious.

6. Kulfi
You will find a variety of kulfis in Manek Chowk. End your meal by having a coconut or a chikoo kulfi.

For a detailed review and explanation of dishes in Manek Chowk, watch the video below

What are your favourite dishes in Manek Chowk? Let me know in the comments below

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