Food Of Amritsar- Must Try Places In The Culinary Capital Of India

Amritsar is a beautiful blend of food, tradition and culture. This culinary capital of India has got everything to satisfy your taste buds with all the rich treats it provides. From piping hot stuffed kulchas to buttery lassis, Amritsar is a paradise for food lovers.

I was in Amritsar for 2 days and went to iconic food joints and tried the best of this city.

Guru Da Langar

Guru Da Langar

We started our trip going to the Golden Temple. We were quite hungry by the time we reached there. We decided to go and have our lunch at one of the largest community kitchens in the world- Guru Da Langar.

We collected our plates and went inside a huge hall, where an average of 75,000 people eat a free meal every day. A potato sabzi, curd, rice, roti and dal makhani (the best) is served hot. All diners sit on the floor (all are equal keeping their caste, religion, etc. aside), keep their head covered and enjoy the meal.

Kulcha Land

Amritsari Kulcha and Masala Kulcha

If you come to Amritsar, you have to try the Amritsari Kulchas. Among a list of famous joints serving lip-smacking kulcha, we decided to go to Kulcha Land for breakfast the next day.

Situated in Ranjith Avenue, Kulcha Land was quite busy and we had to wait for 5 minutes to get a table. Standing outside this tiny joint, we could smell the fresh Kulchas getting served on tables.

After getting a table, we took a quick detour to the kitchen to see what goes behind the delicious kulchas being made at this iconic joint. Fresh kulchas were made one after the other quickly.

First, the dough was prepared, then it was rolled, and put in the oven clay. We waited till the hot kulchas were removed from the oven and topped with loads of butter (loads and loads).

We ordered Amritsari Kulcha and Masala Kulcha. The stuffing of both the kulchas was same- potatoes, onions and cabbage. However, the masala kulcha was spicier and had green chillies in abundance.

Safe to say, one of the best Kulchas I had devoured, ever. I would highly recommend Kulcha Land if you’re visiting Amritsar. What a heavenly breakfast!

Ahuja Lassi

Kesar Lassi

After having the delicious breakfast, we thought of having some lassi and our driver quickly took us to Ahuja Milk Bhandar saying, “there is no better place to enjoy lassi in this city other than Ahujas.”

Ahuja’s is the benchmark for Punjabi Lassis, the other line our driver said while we were on our way. We ordered Kesar Lassi as this joint is quite famous for the essence and flavours in their lassis.

The lassi was served in a huge steel glass, topped with a dollop of butter. Churned perfectly, the lassi was a divine creation (no exaggeration here). The flavour of saffron, the sweetness of lassi and the butter coming all in the mouth together was a treat I had never experienced before.

Beera Chicken House

Roast Chicken

It is said that once you have roast chicken at Beera chicken house, you won’t be able to enjoy this dish anywhere else in the world. Well, that’s what I read on a blog and I was excited to try the roast chicken here.

The restaurant has an AC section family seating. You get to choose the quantity from a quarter, half or full roast chicken depending on the number of people who will eat. As I was the only one to eat, I ordered quarter roast chicken. You can choose between leg piece and chicken breast when you order a quarter.

The service was quick. The roast chicken was served with onions and a spicy-tangy chutney. The first thing I noticed about the chicken was how tender it was. I tore the succulent roast chicken with my hands and gulped it down in like minutes. Truly delicious!

Bharawan Da Dhaba

Dal and Lachha Paratha

The sole reason for going to Bharawan Da Dhaba was to try the stereotypical (read traditional) Punjabi food you get there. My mom was craving for some Sarso Da Saag and Makke Di Roti and Bharawan is quite famous for it.

To our surprise, this dish was seasonal and was only available during October. As this joint is quite close to the Golden Temple, it’s pure vegetarian. We ordered Dal and Lachha Parantha. The quantity was massive.

The dal, topped with a layer of white butter, was decent (won’t call it awesome). The Lachha Paratha was very delicious.

Giani Lassi

Pedhe Wali Lassi

We HAD to try one more lassi. This time we stopped at Giani Lassi as it was on our way and decided to try Pedhe wali lassi. Giani Punjabi Lassi is a 50 year old joint popular for its lassis and sweets.

Pedhe wali lassi was made right in front of us from the scratch. Using morsels of pedha, curd, sugar and lots of churning, this lassi was prepared. I loved it. If I had to compare it with Ahuja’s, I would say it didn’t match the level. However, the flavour of pedha mixed with lassi was a different experience.

Kesar Da Dhaba

Customized Thali

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While it’s raining cats & dogs RN, I can’t stop thinking about this heavenly rich treat I had in Amritsar! You can’t even see some of the dishes cuz of the layer of desi ghee lol. Everything here, at Kesar Da Dhaba, is prepared using desi ghee. Finishing a thali here is a task. Finally getting some time to edit part 2 of my vlog where I cover this (in detail). My favs: Lachha Paratha, Dal & Shahi Paneer. Desserts were 😍 okbye otherwise won’t stop writing 😁🤤 . . . . . . . . . . . . #Food #foodphotography #IndianFood #Amritsar #Travel #InstaTravel #Love #Foodie #FoodPorn #IndianThali #Thali #ShotOniPhone8Plus #NoFilter #InstaGo #InstaFun #Instagramers #Foodgasm #Traveler #PoojaOnTheGo #GolgappaGirl #YouTuber #Vlogger #Explore #Punjab #Punjabi

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We saved the best for the last. You must have heard about this legendary 100-year-old joint serving the best of Punjabi food since decades. Kesar Da Dhaba was set up near Lahore in 1916 and was shifted in Amritsar post partition.

The best thing about this place is that every dish here is prepared using desi ghee in generous amounts. The dal at Kesar Da Dhaba takes about 12-15 hours to get cooked. You could see a thick layer of desi ghee on whichever dish you order.

We ordered a customized thali which had Dal, rice, Shahi Paneer, Palak Paneer, Lachha Paratha, Chole, Salad, Gulab Jamun and Rasmalai.

If you were to ask me, this was the best meal I had on this trip. Every dish has a rich flavour and Lachha Paratha alone was crunchy and delectable. Desserts were the perfect ending to this meal. A trip to Amritsar is incomplete without having a meal at Kesar Da Dhaba.

Watch the detailed vlogs of my trip to Amritsar and all the dishes I tried here :

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