Our Buffet Experience At Barbeque Nation: What To Expect?

Barbeque Nation is the first place to pop up in the head of a Mumbaikar when they think of having a family buffet. It is one of those places where a group of friends or families enjoy their first buffet. I was invited by the Kurla branch of Barbeque Nation to have a meal and share my experience & feedback with them.


The ambience of Barbeque Nation in Phoenix mall (Kurla) is quiet and rustic with bright lights and wooden tables. The restaurant is spaced out in a huge area and consists of more than 10 tables. A lot of office goers from adjacent mills too stop by for lunch here.


Barbeque Nation is a favourite among people for the variety of cuisines it offers. From North Indian delicacies in the main course to Italian street style dishes in the live counter, there is a bunch to choose from.

The buffet experience can be divided into 4 parts: appetisers, live counter, main course and desserts. They have a menu to choose drinks from which are not included in the price of the buffet.

A chef will welcome you and ask you to be comfortable once you are seated. They will place the grill in front of you and start bringing in the fresh appetisers that will be kept warm for you to enjoy over conversations.

The first to arrive were non-veg starters. Chicken tikka, seekh kebabs, seafood items like prawns and fish were served in a skewer and kept on the grill. Apart from this, they also served finger-licking Chicken leg pieces (our absolute favourite) and Chicken crispy with mint chutney.

Veg starters comprises crispy corn, chilli potato, paneer tikka, grilled pineapple and mushrooms. The live counter offers a variety of dishes to choose from. We recommend trying the chaat section for some tangy pani puri and sev puri. Also, the chef will cook up some boiled eggs, pasta, noodles, etc. for you while you enjoy the grilled items. Make sure to ask the staff about the live counter dishes.

Main course of Barbeque Nation is heavily dependent on North Indian food. Keeping in mind that a lot of families come to this place, it packs the main course with subtle flavours and low on spices in curries and dals. We recommend Paneer tikka masala, fish prepared in Chinese sauce and chicken dum biryani. You can also try burnt garlic rice or noodles from the main course.

Desserts at Barbeque Nation deserve a special and dedicated space in the tummy. There are a bunch of options to choose ranging from Indian mithais to kids favourites Brownies. Desserts include chocolate brownies, Moong Dal Halwa, coconut chocolate, fruit tart, chocolate cupcake, pineapple pastries, mango cheesecake, kulfis, and mousse.


Here are our top picks from each section.

Non-veg Appetisers: Chicken leg piece, chicken tikka and crispy chicken

Veg Appetisers: Crispy corn, paneer tikka and potatoes

Live Counter: Pani puri, sev puri and white sauce pasta

Main Course: Paneer tikka masala, chicken dum biryani, hakka noodles and dal-rice

Desserts: Brownie, coconut chocolates, pineapple pastry and moong dal halwa.


Please note that the menu of Barbeque Nation keeps changing every day so you might not find some items mentioned in this blog. The price of the buffet, branch details and more can found here: https://www.barbequenation.com/

We paid 899 INR plus taxes for a non-veg buffet on a weekday.

Make sure you watch the video on our channel to know about the experience and to see the buffet spread.

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