Best of Pune: Iconic Food Joints and Khau Galli

Beautiful streets, greenery all around and aroma of delicious food, that’s Pune for me. I keep going to Pune quite often due to work. However, this time when I visited Pune, I decided to do something different. Instead of having going and chilling in German Bakery and Vohuman Café, I thought of trying iconic food joints and some street side food.

I love irani cafes in Mumbai and keep visiting them again and again because I am a sucker for legendary restaurants. So here is a quick read on some of the iconic joints and a khau galli I visited in Pune in 1 day.

Garden Vada Pav

One of the oldest vada pav joints in Pune, it is always busy. The aroma of freshly fried vadas ready to be relished is how everyone’s morning should begin with. I bought a piping hot vada pav for 15 INR, went into a corner to relish it. The potato stuffing was soft and cooked perfectly. The vada was crispy on outside and the pav was soft. Not to forget the sweet and spicy chutney inside. It is a sin to go to Pune and not try this lol.

Bedekar Missal Pav

If you ever search “must have missal pav” in Pune, Bedekar is going to pop up for sure. A very small yet busy joint, Bedekar was started in 1948.

You will have to deposit 100 INR, get a token and take the plate of Dry Missal and a bowl towards your table. A staff dada will come and pour the gravy and give you the slice.

I really loved the Missal. However, I thought it could have been spicier but then quickly realised Puneri Missals are supposed to be a bit on the sweeter side.


If huge delicious burgers that don’t dig a hole in your pocket is what you’re looking for, then “Burger” on the East Street in Pune if the place for you. Frequented by college students, this place is again quite a busy joint and you might want to wait for 15 minutes at least to get a table. Punekars swear by their burgers and they are not wrong. Try it out to know why!


This is a very well known restaurant in Pune. Anyone who has been to Pune will tell you to try the South Indian items in Vaishali. We recommend you to sit in the outdoors and order a Mysore Masala Dosa. Don’t forget to order a filter coffee.


If you have ever heard about Appache Canteen, you must be familiar with the famous Khi Ka. Appa in Pune has an interesting story. Appa came from Karnataka in Pune and started a small joint serving very few dishes. It got famous very soon and people started calling it Appache Canteen. People would gather there for breakfast or late evening snacks and eat the famous Khi Ka (Khichdi Kakdi) which is Sabudana Khichdi with cucumber curd. After Appa passed away, the canteen was shut down. However, with some old staff, it started again at a new place. Relive the magic by going to Appa and trying the popular Khi Ka.


Sujata Mastani


Time for some sweet endings! Mastani is a popular item in Pune and Sujata Mastani remains one of the oldest joints to serve the best. It has various branches in Pune. We recommend Mango Mastani (if you’re going during summers) and Pista Mastani. The shake and ice cream together makes a delicious combo

Shivaji Nagar Khau Galli

I tried some of the items in Khau Galli

Must Try

Tawa Pulav

Sponge Dosa

Sev Pav



Pav Bhaji

Tell me some more places that I must try in Pune in the next visit in the comments below

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