Monsoon Treats In Lonavala

Lonavala is the popular weekend getaway spot for Mumbaikars.

Most of the times, when we there literally is no plan for the weekend, Mumbaikars just go to lonavala. Be it trekking or just enjoying the view, Lonavala is also a perfect place to enjoy monsoons. No one can deny that.

I went to Lonavala (yet again) and did a bit of hog-work. I went to some of my favourite places to devour some monsoon treats and make the most of the rainy day.

Misal Pav at Buaachi Misal

Buaachi Misal

I decided to have my breakfast at Buaachi Misa. It is also called Hotel Sainath but no one calls it by that name. It is located behind Fariyas hotel. It was pouring cats and dogs while we reached there.

An average of 400-500 come here to eat to Misal at Buaachi’s. We ordered for 2 plates of Misal, some kanda bhajiya (onion fritters) and chai.

One of the best things about having Misal at Buaachi is the thecha they serve along with it. Thecha is a paste made of green chillies and garlic. The authentic misal has a bed of potatoes and usal, topped with chivda, curry and onions/tomatoes. Bhajiya and chai while it’s raining outside is a treat not to be missed.

Golden Vada Pav

One of my friends who stays in Pune told me to try Golden vada pav. Having heard so much about it, I finally decided to give it a shot. It is on National Highway and is a blink and miss.

There was a long queue outside the shop already. Hot vadas were getting served along with buttered pav and thecha.

The potato patty didn’t have garlic and thecha just brought the right amount of spice. Totally recommended!

Jai Shiv Shankar Chai Wala

I read on Facebook that there is this chai wala in Lonavala tha serves 20 varieties of teas and 20 other kinds of beverages.

It is raining, I just had a vada pav and the tea lover inside me really just wanted to go and have a piping hot tea.

This tiny stall near Kumar Resort was not difficult to find. The aroma of Masala Chai was irresistible. We ordered a cutting chai, bournvita and a lemon iced tea.

Rains and warm cup of tea just makes me feel complete.

Make a pit stop at Jai Shiv Shankar on your way to Tiger Point or Aamby Valley for some tea and get refreshed.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried these places and if you like any other places in Lonavala.

Watch the Monsoon Treats in Lonavala video.

Monsoon Treats In Lonavala

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