When Gulab Jamun Got A Twist

Indians have a special corner in their heart for Gulab Jamun. Gulab jamun is a sticky brown Indian mithai which consists of a deep fried powered milk ball in a sugar syrup.

We tried 3 places in Mumbai which give a twist to the regular Gulab Jamun and come up with a redefined yet delicious dessert. Read on to know more

Rum Soaked Gulab Jamun

Yes! You read it right. Bombay Canteen in Lower Parel serves rum soaked Gulab Jamun. The dish is called Gulab nut. The Gulab Jamun is 5 times the size of actual one and is in the shape of Donut. This donut shaped Gulab Jamun is the deep fried, soaked with rum dessert. Served with pista cream, enjoy this dessert to get a high you need in your life

Gulab Jamun Tart

Where? Bistapuri

The name itself is twisted. Get it? (Pistaburfi-Bistapurfi)

This is an only delivery/takeaway joint in Lower Parel which gives a twist to the regular Indian mithai and takes away by surprise.

We tried the Gulab Jamun Tart which Coconut Rabdi and white chocolate ganache on the bed of Gulab Jamun. It is as delicious as it sounds. Must try!

  1. Make sure you place your order 1-2 hours before as they take time to prepare

Gulab Jamun Kulfi

Gulab Jamun inside a kulfi, and we mean it quite literally. Dairy Don in Andheri serves Gulab Jamun Kulfi and we are impressed! Below is the picture to describe everything.

So these are the three desserts in Mumbai which serve desserts by giving a twist to Gulab Jamun. Which one would you try?

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